2012 Ginny Big Buck

As a native Texan, I have always enjoyed the variety of animals and wide-open space our state provides. Since moving to the Hill Country over 20 years ago I have become an avid fan of hunting. Elton’s 40+ years of hunting,Texas saltwater fishing and guiding experience has helped me learn more about the animals we raise and hunt on our ranch. After years of guiding and Deer hunting my experience has allowed me to win multiple awards from Trophy Game Records of the

World and others like:
2009-10 EWA Big buck contest 1st place Bow
2009-10 TGR Multiple award winning Guide
2010-11 EWA Big buck contest Jacket winner
2010-11 TGR Multiple award winning Guide
2011-12 EWA Big buck contest Diamond Buck
2011-12 TGR #1 World Record Whitetail With a Bow
2011-12 Largest whitetail deer ever taken by a woman in Texas
2011-12 TGR Multiple award winning Guide
2011-12 Ranch of the Year
2012-13 EWA Big buck contest 1st. place Northern Division
2012-13 TGR #1 World record Whitetail with a Bow
2012-13 TGR Ranch of the Year
2012-13 Las Cazadores Big buck contest 1st. place “Mr. Heavy” Mass
2012-13 Muy Grande 200+ Jacket award winner
2012-13 Freer Deer Camp 1st. place Open Bow “Most Points”
2012-13 Largest deer ever taken with a Bow by a woman in the state of Texas and pending SCI world record
But what I really enjoy is getting our hunters into the record book and making sure they have a fun and memorable experience at the Broken Spur Ranch. So if you want to coming to the Broken Spur Ranch and hunt with one of the top woman guides in the world give me a call…                 Ginny Arceneaux