The legend of the Big Buck of Broken Spur Ranch……

When you set your site on shooting a big buck it can be nerve racking. It’s even more nerve racking when you bring your buddies and let them shoot first. Or is that a true sign of a “Good Hunting Buddy”.

Well I had the good fortune of witnessing just that…the “Good Hunting Buddies”. We won’t mention that he did that last year when he visited Broken Spur Whitetails. But last year his buddy missed a HUGE WHITETAIL BUCK. So we were hoping for better fortune for this year.

Well Phil and his buddy showed up at the ranch on a warm, or should I say hot blistering, Friday afternoon. This afternoon we were hoping it would go different than last year. See, Phil and is buddy shoot up to 80+ yards very effective so a spot- and-stock hunt would be awesome.  After getting all warmed up, and dressed for this hot afternoon of hunting they were locked and loaded.

Texas whitetail deer hunting can often be tricky and also be very challenging when you are walking on all the rocks. Not to mention all the cactus, they will prick u and stick u. But that’s how you hunt the big Texas whitetail bucks.

So we loaded up safari style and headed for the hills to see the whitetail bucks and see what was moving. Not long after the journey started we started seeing deer move towards the watering holes because of the heat. We searched and looked for just the right buck for Phil’s buddy.  I think Phil was a little nervous about his buddy shooting first and kind of kidded him a little about missing this year.

So needless to say Phils ole hunting buddy saw a buck of in the distance and was making the decision to go after the whitetail buck or not. This is all about the wind, the location of the deer and not to mention having a guide and cameraman in tow. So after a few seconds of deliberation the ole hunting buddy decided it was a go.

When your glassing a buck that would go around 236 Boone & Crockett score that would make anyone nervous about what to do. The last thing you want to do is miss after last year. Nor do you want to think about those kind of things when your starting to stock the deer of a lifetime. This Whitetail deer was amazing with a main frame ten with kickers and some really heavy mass. That will stir up the nervous bones in your body.

So after the nerves setteled….The hunt began with a huge buck in the distance and a somewhat nervous hunter, guide and cameraman. See no one likes the idea of busting up a good hunt. So with fingers crossed and lots of prayers we started the stalk of a lifetime. We made our way thru the edge of a ole dirt road to cross over into a thick oak mott. It seamed like it took forever to get across the road and into the thicket but there was still a lot distance still to close for a a good shot. So after a few minutes, that seemed like hours we were closing the distance on the buck.  The buck was certainly worth going  after.  We knew there was not going to be any ground shrinkage of this whitetail deer.  So when we rounded the last oak thicket there he was broad side at less than 60 yards. He moved and then he moved but it was because he was feeding. After the cat and mouse game the buck stood still and what seemed like to an eternity the hunting buddy pulled back and loaded the rage broadhead to full draw…….and then at 300 fps + the arrow was released and found it’s mark. The huge buck ran just a few yards and fell over and for us to finally get our hands on the monster rack. So with that the ole hunting buddy stood and admired the huge buck that was scored at 236 boone & crockett.

Do you think this is the biggest buck of the trip? Is it possible that there are whitetail deer bigger than 236”? Tune back in to this blog and we will continue the story of the big whitetail bucks of Broken Spur Whitetails.

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